Do Unto Others book

R obert C. Varney is the author of Do Unto Others, a murder mystery set in New Hampshire's Lakes Region where rural New England lives side-by-side with Philadelphia aristocracy.

No one knows the mysterious woman found shot to death in the woods; no one, that is, except Judge Harry Warren who had a steamy, adulterous affair with the lovely lady some years back...

The longest sitting judge in New Hampshire, 68-year-old Varney has much in common with his younger, fictional protagonist, whom readers already fondly call "Judge Harry." About the Author.

What Readers Are Saying
"The most striking success [of Do Unto Others] is the creation of Harry Warren, a flawed man who is neither as flawed nor as stealthy as he thinks. The thriller elements of the book, while well done in their pacing and logic, become virtually irrelevant to the story, a testament to the richness of character and dialogue Varney achieves here."
— Kirkus Reviews
"[Harry Warren is] an insightful character study of an achingly self-aware judge simmering in an amatory, political, social, and criminal stew... plenty of action in the New Hampshire woods and Philadelphia's bedrooms... The tinkling glasses of a museum fund-raiser are treated just as surely as the customs of deer hunting in the White Mountains. And the courtroom scenes are magisterial, as befits this judge turned author with an ear for language and a sure sense of dialog."
— J. MacLaughlin
"Do Unto Others is a clever mystery with satisfying police forensics, spicy romances, and a surprise ending, elevated by Varney's mastery of literary language and witty sense of humor. What sets Do Unto Others apart as more than just another "who-done-it" is Varney's hands-on knowledge and use of crime investigation, police procedures, and legal documents, all of which he sees in his real courtroom. However, it's the way the fictional Judge Harry's conscience worries over and manipulates all this that shows Varney can be a writer first and a legal eagle second."
— NH Wordsmith Kathy Eaton